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Make the CRM fit your business; not the other way around

This article was included in the May 9th, 2017 issue of the LACRM Newsletter.

Less Annoying CRM is intended for businesses in any industry and should be customized however you like to best track your workflows. Many times, if you’ve spoken to one of our CRM Coaches, we’ve shown you the “right” way to do things. How your pipelines can be set up, how you should use your tasks, and any other feature of LACRM in general. But in some cases, the right way may not be the best fit for what you are trying to track in the CRM.

Ava Chase, owner of Advanced Practice Prep, has firsthand experience with this. Her son, Mitch, was a developer at Less Annoying CRM, and thus, has plenty of ideas on how the CRM can be best customized. However, despite talking through various options, all the right ways just didn’t quite add up to the best way. So she took things into her own hands and created a setup for herself that works exactly the way she wants it to:

“My son, who is a developer at LACRM, tells me I’m not using my pipelines correctly all the time. But the thing is, how I have them set up lets me segment contacts in a way that makes sense to me and my team. Sure, it’s probably not the right way to do things, but it’s working perfectly for what we need, and that’s the important part!”

- Ava Chase, Owner of Advanced Practice Prep

Tip to try: Even if you have the CRM originally set up a certain way, if there’s some aspect of it that doesn’t seem quite right, try out a couple of new changes here and there -- maybe an additional custom field, or a new pipeline status. A CRM is a tool to support your business, and should be adaptable to the nuances of how your business is run. We intentionally made LACRM easily customizable because we know that what someone needs from the system will change across industries and, more often than not, over time. No customization is set in stone, so even if it seems like you might be using the CRM in a way it’s not intended to be, it’s worth trying out to see if that’s what works for you!

We’re here to help, so if you’d like someone to take a second look at your account to make sure everything looks good, or just want to bounce off some ideas on how to improve your setup, just contact us!

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