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Keyboard shortcuts

Less Annoying CRM has keyboard shortcuts that can be used to navigate the CRM without using your mouse. For example, rather than moving your mouse to click on the “Search” option in the navigation bar, you can simply press a few keys to open the search bar directly. Similarly, if you’re adding a new contact instead of moving your hand to your mouse to click “Create contact,” you can press a few keys to save it. The keyboard shortcuts fall into a few common categories, and can always be accessed by pressing Ctrl/Command + K in the CRM.

Please note: the shortcuts will differ slightly depending on whether you use a PC or a Mac. The PC option is listed first here, followed by the Mac option.

Navigation Shortcuts:

  • Search: Alt/Option + 1
  • Workspace: Alt/Option + 2
  • Contacts: Alt/Option + 3
  • Calendar: Alt/Option + 4
  • Reports: Alt/Option + 5
  • Settings: Alt/Option + 6

Create New Shortcuts:

  • Task: Alt/Option + Shift + 2
  • Contact: Alt/Option + Shift + 3
  • Company: Ctrl/Command + Alt/Option + Shift + 3
  • Event: Alt/Option + Shift + 4

Calendar Shortcuts:

  • Next Day/Week/Month: Ctrl/Command + right arrow key
  • Previous Day/Week/Month: Ctrl/Command + left arrow key

Please note: the calendar shortcuts will only work in the Day, Week, or Month views. If you’re in the Agenda view, you’ll need to change views before using the shortcuts.

General Shortcuts:

  • Close pop-up/dialog: Esc
  • Save form: Ctrl/Command + Enter

That’s it! Now you can try using shortcuts to more quickly navigate the CRM for everything from viewing your calendar to adding a new company.

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