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How can I keep two or more CRM accounts open at once?

If you work for multiple businesses, or want to track your personal life separate from work, you might end up with more than one LACRM account. Each account has its own login, and it can be difficult to switch between each account. If you have more than one LACRM account, there are two ways that you can stay logged into both accounts at the same time so you can more easily switch back and forth.

Option 1: Use a different browser for each account.

You can use different web browsers on your computer to stay logged into more than one LACRM account at the same time. With this option, you can log into one account under one browser, and a second account under a different browser. This will allow you to stay logged into both accounts, and to switch between them you’ll just go to the window opened within your other browser.

If you don’t already have more than one web browser, you’ll first want to download a second web browser. The common browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. (Safari is only available on Macs). Then, you can decide which browser you want to use for which account. For example, you might use Google Chrome for Business A, and Mozilla Firefox for Business B. You can keep windows in both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox open, and simply switch from one browser window to the other when you want to look at the other LACRM account.

Option 2: Use profiles through Google Chrome.

If you use Google Chrome, you can set up multiple user profiles in Chrome. Each profile stores different cookies (ie, logins), so that you can have two totally different instances of Google Chrome running at the same time. You can create one profile for “Business A” in Chrome, and log into that LACRM account there, and then create a second profile for “Business B” which is logged into that LACRM account. You can follow these instructions to create profiles in Chrome:


After you’ve set up each profile, you’ll have two different Google Chrome icons on your computer, one for each profile. You can open both of those profiles at the same time in different windows, and then simply change from one profile to the other when you want to switch LACRM accounts.

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