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Keeping more than one CRM account open at once

If you work for multiple businesses, or want to track your personal life separate from work, you might end up with more than one LACRM account. Each account has its own login, and it can be difficult to switch between each account. There are two ways that you can stay logged into two, or more, CRM accounts at once:

Option 1: Use a different browser for each account.

  • This option requires having two downloaded browsers on your computer, so if you don't have two browsers you'll first need to download another. Common browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari (Safari is only available on Macs).
  • Log into one LACRM account in one browser, and use a different browser to log into your second LACRM account.
  • You can stay logged into both account, and simply switch browser when you want to view the other LACRM account.

Option 2: Use profiles through Google Chrome.

  • This option requires a bit more setup, but you can use a single web browser instead of separate ones.
  • First, create multiple profiles in Chrome, one for each different LACRM account. Learn how to create profiles in Chrome here.
  • Once you've created your profiles, log into one LACRM account in one profile. Then, log into the other LACRM account in your other profile.
  • You can stay logged into both accounts, and simply switch profiles when you want to view the other LACRM account.
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