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All of LACRM's integrations

Here is a list of every in-house integration we offer, as well as third-party integrations that other companies have built with us.

In-House Integrations

Google Calendar
  • Sync your CRM Calendar with Google, and events will pass between the two systems automatically. Learn more here.
Google Contacts
  • Sync your CRM contacts with Google, and contacts will pass between the two systems automatically. Learn more here.
Outlook Calendar
  • Sync your CRM Calendar with Outlook, and events will pass between the two systems automatically. Learn more here.
  • Sync your LACRM contacts with subscribers in Mailchimp automatically, and campaigns sent to your subscribers will log in the CRM. Learn more here.

Third Party Integrations

The following integrations were not built by LACRM, so each platform comes with its own support and pricing. If you have any questions about the following syncs, please contact the support team for each platform.

  • Please note: In some cases, you may also need API access in the CRM in order to set these syncs up.
Badger Maps
  • Import your LACRM contacts into Badger Maps, and they will automatically create a link back to the corresponding contact record in LACRM. Learn more here.
  • AgileForms is an easy-to-use form creation program that has built an integration with Less Annoying CRM to make contact data entry even simpler. Automatically add leads entered through a AgileForm to your CRM, no coding necessary. Learn more here.
  • CallHippo is a VOIP phone system that allows you to click and dial your LACRM contacts, as well as send and receive text messages. CallHippo will automatically record calls and texts in LACRM. CallHippo will also display contact history and information when a call is connected. Learn more here.
  • Invoco is a UK telecom company that can add call notes to your CRM (including a link to a call recording), and even add new contacts if you receive a call from an unknown number. Learn more here.
  • JustCall is a cloud-based phone system that can automatically log all call activities, send and receive texts, and log call recordings and voicemails under your Less Annoying CRM contacts. Learn more here.
Leads Connector
  • Receive notifications for new Facebook ads via email and sync their data directly with LACRM using Leads Connector. Learn more here.
  • LeadsBridge is an automation platform that helps you connect your Less Annoying CRM contacts and pipeline items with 370+ other programs. Connections can be either one-way or two-way syncs between LACRM and another platform. Learn more here.
  • Text your LACRM contacts and log messages as notes in the CRM so that all of your customer communications are in one place using MyRepChat. Learn more here.
  • Automatically fill in missing details on Less Annoying CRM Contacts from details discovered in email signatures. SigParser can fill in missing phone numbers, titles, locations and more. Learn more here.
  • Simplii is a VOIP phone that allows you to click and dial your LACRM contacts, in addition to logging calls and call recordings in your CRM notes. Simplii will also pop up incoming and outgoing calls within your browser. Learn more here.
Don’t see the integration you’re looking for?

Contact us and we can look into the program and let you know if an integration is in the pipeline. Or, if you represent another software program that’s interested in integrating with us let us know and we can point you towards the right tools and create help documentation for our users.

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