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Integrating Clarityflow with LACRM

Note: this video may show a previous version of LACRM. The functionality remains the same, but the CRM may look a bit different.

Clarityflow is an asynchronous video communication tool that allows you to send and receive video messages to your contacts. Clarityflow's integration with Less Annoying CRM lets you add respondents of your Clarityflow intakes and conversations to your contacts in Less Annoying CRM. Learn how to integrate Clarityflow with LACRM here:

  • Please note: this integration requires sharing your API credentials with Clarityflow, which grants Clarityflow programmatic access to your CRM account. You should only do this with programs that you trust.
  • First, create an account with Clarityflow.
  • Go to LACRM, mouse over "Settings" and select "Programmer API." Generate a new API token using the button at the top of the page.
  • Return to Clarityflow. On the Integrations page (under Settings), select "Less Annoying CRM".
  • Paste your LACRM User ID and LACRM API token on Clarityflow's Integration page.
  • Start sending video messages with Clarityflow!
  • Any time someone replies to your Clarityflow, they will be created as a contact in your CRM account with a note attached to them that includes a link to the Clarityflow. Future replies will also be logged as notes in a contact's History.
  • Any time someone submits a message via your Clarityflow Intake Page, they'll also be created as a contact in LACRM.
  • Please note: we are only able to offer support for the CRM. If you have questions about Clarityflow or this integration, you'll need to contact Clarityflow directly. This integration is also only available for use if you are on a paid tier of Clarityflow.

See a full list of all our integrations here.

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