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Integrating Canvass with LACRM

Canvass is a video interview tool designed to help recruiters send and manage candidate interviews. Canvass' integration with Less Annoying CRM will automatically send out a video interview invitation to your contact when you attach a Canvass Interview pipeline to them, and once your candidate responds, they'll be automatically moved through the pipeline statuses as well. Track and manage your interview questions and video responses easily within Canvass' candidate dashboard.

There are two parts to this integration, so please make sure to follow these steps carefully to set this up! If you prefer a tutorial with screenshots, please check out Canvass' tutorial here.

1) Connect Canvass to LACRM

  • Please note: this integration requires sharing your API credentials with Canvass, which grants Canvass programmatic access to your CRM account. You should only do this with programs that you trust.
  • First, create an account with Canvass (you get 3 free interviews to start).
  • In your Canvass account, click on the gear icon ⚙️ on the top right corner of the page to access your account settings.
  • In the Settings pop up, select the "Integrate" menu.
  • Choose "Less Annoying CRM" from the dropdown menu, and select "Add integration".
  • Go to LACRM, mouse over "Settings" and select "Programmer API." Generate a new API token using the button at the top of the page, and copy your API token.
  • Return to Canvass.
  • Paste your LACRM API token into the Canvass integration field, and save.

2) Connect Canvass to your Canvass Interview pipeline

  • In Canvass, create a new position that you'd like to interview candidates for (e.g. HR Manager, Salesperson, Marketing Lead etc.) via the red "Add Position" button on the top right corner of your main Canvass dashboard.
  • In LACRM, create a new pipeline called "Canvass Interview", and replace the existing "Active" and "Closed" statuses with the following: Pending, Invited, Responded, and Canceled.
  • In the same Canvass Interview pipeline, create a custom dropdown field called "Canvass Position".
  • Go back to Canvass, select the position you created, and click on "Settings" in the top right corner.
  • Copy the "Less Annoying CRM tag" in that Settings page for that job position.
  • Go back to your LACRM Canvass Interview pipeline, and paste that "Less Annoying CRM tag" as a dropdown field entry in your "Canvass Position" field.
  • If you have multiple open positions, repeat these steps, and add each "Less Annoying CRM tag" as a new dropdown field option.
  • Make this "Canvass Position" field required (via the 'Make this field required' checkbox at the bottom of your custom field screen).
  • All done!
  • Keep in mind: Because Canvass' integration links directly to these statuses and fields, it's important for these names to match exactly.

Now that you have this Canvass Interview pipeline connected to Canvass, when you attach this Canvass Interview pipeline to a contact in LACRM and select a Canvass Position for them, Canvass will automatically send them an email inviting them to apply for that specific role.

When your candidate replies back with their video response, they will be automatically moved to the "Responded" status of your pipeline, and you can go into Canvass to view their response.

Please note: we are only able to offer support for the CRM. If you have questions about Canvass or this integration, you'll need to contact Canvass directly.

See a full list of all our integrations here.

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