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Integrating a messaging tool with LACRM via Zapier

Use Zapier to connect Slack or another messaging tool with LACRM:

  • Create Zaps to connect your messaging tool with LACRM.
  • For example, use a Zap to send a message when a pipeline item is updated in LACRM.
  • First, navigate to the Zapier page for your messaging tool (Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, etc) and click to connect.
  • Please note: some apps are only available on a paid tier of Zapier.
  • Next, create your trigger event. Not sure what that means? Check out our glossary of Zapier terms here.
  • Connect your messaging account to continue.
  • Then, set up the second half of the integration with LACRM by selecting LACRM from the list of apps.
  • Finally, choose your event, and connect LACRM to your messaging tool.
  • Check out our template for integrating Slack with LACRM to send messages when a pipeline item is updated here.
  • For additional questions about using Zapier, check out their Help Center.
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