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How to integrate AgileForms and Less Annoying CRM

Jan 2021 update: AgileForms was previously called CreateForm.

AgileForms is an easy-to-use form creation program that has built an integration with Less Annoying CRM to make contact data entry even simpler. This is a great way to collect lead information from your website without needing to type each contact into the CRM by hand!

The Basics

The first thing you’ll need to do is sign up for a trial with AgileForms.  You can sign up through this link. AgileForms offers a 30 day trial so you can test them out, and then choose from various subscription levels (which you can find with pricing information on their website).

CreateForm checklist

Once you’ve signed up, you can start creating forms! AgileForms has tutorials throughout the form creation process which are very helpful during this initial setup.

The first step you’ll need to take is adding the fields you need, which can range from a ready-made name or address field to a custom checkbox or drop-down list.

Once you have the desired fields you can add and edit pre-existing designs, and view the form to make sure you like its appearance and layout.

Preparation for the Sync

In order to set up the sync with AgileForms, you’ll need a few key pieces of information from the CRM. You can access that information on the Programmer API page, which is also under the “Settings” menu. On this page, you’ll want to select “Generate a new API token.” This will give you a User Code, which is a set of numbers that you’ll need to use to set up the sync. You’ll also see an API token on this page, which is a much longer string of letters and numbers. You’ll need both the User Code and API token to set up the integration with AgileForms, so be sure to keep those handy!

The Sync

Once you’ve created fields and chosen a design, you can set up the sync with LACRM! On the Sync page in AgileFroms, select Less Annoying CRM.


You can add an account for the form to integrate with, and you’ll be asked for some information to set up the integration. Choose the name for your LACRM account, and then enter your LACRM API token and User Code, which you should have handy after generating them earlier.


Next, simply select where your form’s fields should be mapped to in your CRM contacts. You can set up custom fields to be mapped too, just be sure the names match exactly! Also, make sure each field from the form is syncing with a different field in the CRM, in order to avoid conflicts/overwrites.

Field Mapping

Each form submission will create a new record in the CRM, which will contain all of the information entered in the form (assuming the AgileForms field that captured that information is synced to a field in the CRM, as shown in the above image). Whenever you’re ready, you can embed the form on your website, and you’re good to go!

Please note that while Less Annoying CRM employees are extensively trained in how to use the CRM, we are not AgileForms experts. We can probably point you in the right direction for general questions, but for detailed or complex questions about AgileForms, it’s best to contact AgileForms directly.

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