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Improve collaboration by using the CRM as a system of record

This article was included in the May 23rd, 2017 issue of the LACRM Newsletter.

Being able to collaborate efficiently is key to the success of any team, and having an easily accessible and updatable record system is the cornerstone of collaboration. When everyone has access to the most updated information at any given time, it ensures that follow ups stay informed and timely, and prevents data from being lost.

For Ava Chase, owner of Advanced Practice Prep, their CRM account is the central hub of information for the four key players of the company. The way each user interacts with the data is different but by simply having access to the database, they can keep track of what their next steps need to be:

“Because the CRM is web-based, any one of us can log in to the system anytime no matter where we are to see what we need to do for each class. My administrative assistant, venue coordinator, director of clinical education, and I all need full access to this hub of information. My administrative assistant looks into the CRM to see how many students we have for a class and will know the amount of supplies we need. The director of clinical education looks into the CRM to find out how many instructors we need to schedule for the class, and my venue coordinator then knows what rooms to book and how many lunches to plan for.

So while our roles in the company are different, our notes on the pipelines and on each contact are absolutely crucial for one another. Being able to have it all in one central place helps make sure we don’t miss a single thing!”

- Ava Chase, Owner of Advanced Practice Prep

How the CRM can help

As a cloud-based system, Less Annoying CRM is accessible by any user with an internet connection, and because contacts and companies can be shared across users, collaboration can happen wherever you are, whenever necessary. Ava and her team are rarely in the same state, let alone in the same city, and having a CRM allows her team to maintain an accurate log of interactions even when they’re across the country from one another. By having a centralized hub, every user can access updated information whenever they need to, without fear of missing something important!

Tip to try: Bring your team together in a meeting or a conference call to talk about what they specifically need to be able to do in the CRM, then get your CRM set up or re-customized to accommodate that! The type of information someone needs to be able to pull from LACRM is likely to differ from person to person, and customizing your CRM account to allow for easy data extraction in the future will help ensure that the CRM continues to grow with your business!

In addition to free one-on-one demos, we also offer group webinars, so if you think your team will benefit from having a CRM Coach sit in on a setup meeting, just let us know! If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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