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How To Use LACRM’s Settings To Save More Leads

You’re at work and having a productive day, when suddenly it hits you: you missed that 2:30 p.m. call with a new client. You forgot to follow up on that new lead from last week. Your boss assigned you a new contact, and you never even realized.

Thankfully, you have Less Annoying CRM to help! You’ll never let another lead slip through the cracks, thanks to our awesome notifications and reminder systems.

Get an Email for Every New Lead

You can choose to receive an email every time another user assigns you a new contact, task, or event on the CRM. Under “Settings” and “Personal Preferences” on the CRM, you can click the boxes under “Notifications” to start email notifications. You can also opt-in to receive daily agenda emails so that you begin your day knowing exactly what you have to accomplish and what’s in store.

Find this page under “Settings” and “Personal Preferences.”

Receive Reminders by Text or Email Before Events

If you’re on the go, it can be a life-saver to receive a 15-minute reminder on your iPhone about the client call you (almost) forgot about. Under “Settings” and “Calendar Settings” on the CRM, you can create default reminders for calendar events. You can choose to get an email reminder an hour before an event, so that you’re reminded while you’re at your desk, and then choose to receive another reminder via SMS 15 minutes before the event, to make sure that you’re not in the bathroom or halfway through a sandwich when your client calls. SMS reminders from the CRM only work in the U.S. and Canada.

Find this page under “Settings” and “Calendar Settings.”

Don’t Rely on SMS Notifications from Google Calendar

Unfortunately, as of June 27th, 2015, Google is disabling SMS notifications from Google Calendar. Though Google Calendar has its own series of email reminders for events, I would recommend using the notification settings from within Less Annoying CRM. We won’t change notification settings, and you’ll never have to worry about whether or not reminders are being sent through.

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