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How to use a webmail program that we don't already support

On the Email sending page, you can set the email program that you would like us to launch whenever you click on a contact's email address from the CRM. We support most common webmail programs such as Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo, but it's impossible for us to support every single webmail option out there. That's why we let you manually set the correct URL for your webmail program.

Setting this up is simple:

  • Log in to your webmail program.
  • Start writing a new email. Normally this is called "compose" but every system is different.
  • While in the "compose" view, select the URL in your address bar, and copy it to your clipboard.
  • Go to the Email sending page in Less Annoying CRM.
  • Select "Other Web Mail" under the default email program section.
  • In the text box that appears, paste the URL that you copied earlier.
  • Click the "Save email preference" button to save the new setting.

However, LACRM cannot control the behavior of your email program. If your email program doesn’t support this option, even if you follow these instructions, your email program may not allow you to click on an email address in LACRM to compose a new email. If your email program doesn’t support this option you may see any of the following behaviors when clicking on an email address in the CRM:

  • Nothing happens.
  • Your general email inbox opens.
  • You're required to sign in, and then taken to your general email inbox.
  • A new email opens, but the "To" and "BCC" fields are not populated.

Unfortunately, if you see any of those behaviors, this means your email program does not support the ability to click to email out from a third party program like LACRM. If you are able to route your email through a different email program (like Gmail or Outlook) you may be able to then use Gmail or Outlook to send out emails instead. Ultimately this is based on your email program’s settings, and cannot be controlled by LACRM.

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