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How to find the average number of touches required to make a sale

An important part of any sales process is staying in touch with your leads -- in order to make the sale, you need to talk to them! What can be more difficult to determine is how many times you need to touch base with someone before they turn into a sale. While every sale is unique, the average number of touches for successful sales can give you a ballpark number for how frequently you should be in contact with a prospect. You’re probably already tracking sales through your Lead pipeline, and you can use the pipeline report to find the average number of touches for your successful sales!

The average number of touches for successful sales can help you give you an idea of how many touches you need to make, and you can use that information to help schedule your time. If you know how many times you typically need to speak with a prospect before a sale you can build the time for calls into your calendar, and ensure that you’re making enough calls to hit your quota.

Please note: the term “Lead” is customizable. Lead is the name of a specific pipeline, and your account may show other options.

The Lead Report is available in the dropdown under “Reports” in the navigation bar. The Lead Report lists contacts within the sales funnel, and you can apply various filters to find exactly the data you’d like to see.

The filters are located in the “Sort and filter” section on the left, and in this case you’ll want to choose “Filter by status” option. Next, check the box to the left of “Sale Won,” and hit “Apply Filter”. This will pull up a list of all of the sales won, and you can export the data to Excel using the link on the top left corner of your page.

Now that the data has been exported to Excel, you can calculate an average number of touches for each sale won! Simply find the “Number of Updates” column and calculate the average number of touches based on each entry in that column. In the cell just below the last entry in the “Number of Updates” Column, simply type in =AVERAGE(select cells) and hit enter to find the average.

Each sale is unique, but you can use this average to determine how many touches you typically need to make for a sale, and thus how many calls you should be making each day!

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