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How to find all contacts with email addresses

Less Annoying CRM has a filtering option that you can use to find all of your contacts with an email address. Once you have the list of contacts with email addresses you can add them to a group to sync with Mailchimp for a mass email, export the list to import to a different email marketing tool, or anything else you’d like.

If you go to the main Contact list, in the page menu on the left side you should see a section “Filters & Sorting.” There you can select the “Add a filter” option.

In the dialog that appears, choose “Email” under “What would you like to filter by?”. Next, click “contains” in the dropdown that appears below that, and then choose “is not empty” in the dropdown instead.

When you apply that filter, it’ll pull up a list of all contacts that have a value saved in the email field. You can then tick the “Select all” box in the lower left to add them to a group for syncing with Mailchimp, or use the “Export” option in the upper left to export a spreadsheet of all contacts with email addresses.

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