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How to connect a contact to a company

You can use Less Annoying CRM to track your contact details, including where they work. If you enter a contact as soon as you have their name, you might not know their company right away, or you might forget to link them with their employer. If you find that person’s employer later, you can link them up with the company by editing their contact record directly.

If you go to your Contacts, you can click on the appropriate contact’s name in the list. Alternatively, you can use the search in the upper left corner of the navigation bar to search for the contact, and then select their name. In either case, once you’ve selected the contact name you’ll be taken to the contact record directly. On the right side of the contact is a section “Contact  info.” Click "Edit" in that section.

Next, a dialog will open with all of the contact fields. Under the “Company Name” field you can begin typing the name of the company. If the company already exists in your CRM, a dropdown will appear based on the text you’ve input, and you can select the appropriate company name there. If the company doesn’t exist in your CRM yet, you can type in the full company name instead, and it’ll create a new company. Be sure to hit save at the bottom!

After you’ve saved the company name, the contact will be linked to that company record. Just below the contact name you’ll see that they work at that company. On the right side of the page you’ll also see a section for “Company info” below the “Contact info” section.

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