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How to collapse attached items on a contact

The contact record has all of the information you have related to a particular contact, but sometimes you can end up with an overload of data under the “Attached items” section. As the “Attached items” section expands, it pushes your contact history further down the page, moving your last note a little bit further away. You can minimize sections under the “Attached items” section to keep the contact history more easily accessible.

If you go directly to the contact record, under “Attached items” you’ll see a few different sections for upcoming calendar items, pipeline data, groups, and uploaded files. Just to the right of each item type is a small arrow pointing down. You can click on that arrow to minimize that particular section.

After a section has been minimized, each separate item will no longer appear below it. The name of the section will continue to appear, with a count next to it to indicate the number of items in that section. Next to the section name there will also be an arrow pointing to the right, which you can select to expand the section again.

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