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How do I view only contacts? How do I view only companies?

Less Annoying CRM has both contact and company record types to provide more flexibility based on how you work. Your contact list will normally include both contacts and companies, but you can use a filter if you’d like to see only contacts or only companies instead. This filter can also be set as the default filter, which allows you to prioritize working with one record type over another.

If you go to your contact list, on the left side you’ll see a section “Filters & Sorting.” The first option within that section is “Filter by record type,” and you can select that.

In the dialog that appears, select either “Contacts only” to view just people, or “Companies only” to view only businesses. If you’d like the CRM to remember this setting, you can also tick the box “Make these the default settings” at the bottom.

When you apply that filter, you’ll be able to see only contacts or only companies in your list. If you’ve also selected to make that the default, any time you go back to your contact list in the future you’ll see only the selected record type. Please be aware that if you do use the search bar, that will override your default record type to ensure that all relevant results come up.

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