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How a CRM can help even if you are not in sales

CRMs are great when it comes to tracking sales. A useful CRM allows you to log and track each interaction you have with your contacts so that you can nurture every lead until a sale is closed. However, what most people probably don’t realize is that a CRM can be customized to manage or track just about anything. From recruitment procedures to customer service requests, vendor orders to project deals. As long as it is a process with a series of steps, you can use a CRM to track it. For Tom Crouser, Founder and President of Crouser & Associates Inc., the CRM helps him keep all of these gears turning smoothly because it encourages one key quality: team collaboration.

“We found that the CRM made it easy for us to keep up with our clients because any one member of the team can go into a client’s page and get the latest skinny on what’s happening.

I know that Less Annoying CRM is probably intended for sales teams but the coordination that it has given us as a consulting team has helped tremendously. In our case, it specifically allows multiple people to work with one client. Everybody can add notes, log emails, and ultimately be up to date with what’s going on with that particular client.”

-Tom Crouser, Founder and President of Crouser & Associates Inc

Tip to try: Think about the things you do in your business outside of tracking sales or leads: every order placed, every contract signed -- are these all repeatable processes? Are these processes that require teamwork? If so, building a pipeline that all of your users can utilize will help you manage these workflows in a collaborative fashion. A customized pipeline appears on everyone’s account and you can add as many pipeline processes as you’d like to track absolutely anything. We even have some pipeline templates for things like billing, customer suggestions, and donations, so if you need any ideas, just take a peek at the templates when you are creating a new pipeline!

If you're not in sales, but still need a way to keep organized, LACRM can still help -- just reach out to us and we'd be happy to customize your account with you!

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