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How to find leads with no follow up scheduled

The pipeline report will show you a list of everyone currently in your pipeline, but sometimes you need to see just the contacts that don’t already have a planned follow up. You can use a filter to pull leads without a scheduled follow up, and then start setting tasks for them.

Please note: pipelines are customizable and the exact options may vary based on your account structure.

If you mouse over “Reports” in the navigation bar on the left, you can select “Leads” in the menu. On the left you should see a section “Filters & Sorting” and within that you can select “Add a filter.”

In the dialog that appears, you can select “Tasks and events” near the bottom of the dropdown. Then select “is not attached to” a “pending” “task or event.”

When you apply the filter, it’ll pull up a list of records that do not have an associated task or event, so you can see who does not have a planned follow up. You can begin working through the list from there to add follow ups to your leads.

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