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How to edit/change Your Workspace

There are some changes you can make to the visibility of each section on Your Workspace. You can minimize sections so that the data there no longer appears, and if you have multiple users you can also filter to view only your entries under the Pipeline and Activity reports.

On the Workspace page, you’ll have four different sections; Today’s agenda, Tasks that are due, Pipeline report, and Activity report. Within the header portion of each section, on the right, is a “-” that you can use to minimize that single section to hide the data there.

After you’ve minimized a section, the header will continue to appear, with a “+”  instead. If you later decide you’d like to maximize that section to see the entries again, you can select the “+” symbol.

If you have multiple users on your account, you can also filter the data that appears under the Pipeline report and Activity report to see only your own data, instead of everyone’s data.

Please note: if you don’t see this option, you either do not have additional users, or do not have access to other user’s data. You’ll need to add a user or contact an administrator on your account about giving you access to other user’s data.

On the right side of the header for the Pipeline report and Activity report is a small gear icon. You can click on that icon to select what pipeline or activity feed data you’d like to see. In the dialog that appears, select “Only show my own [pipeline/activity feed] items” to view only your own entries.

After you’ve filtered to view only your own pipeline items or activity, that setting will be automatically saved for the Workspace. If you go to a different page and later return, the Workspace will remember your previous filter and you’ll see only your own data. However, this setting applies only to the Workspace page, and will not change any filters that you may have set on other pages, including pages under the Reports section.

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