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Are there any discounts for advanced payments or volume licensing?

The short answer here is "no." We don't offer any discounts. There are two reasons for this:

We already priced it as low as possible.
  • When we were deciding how much to charge for Less Annoying CRM, we wanted to pick the lowest amount possible that would still allow us to run a viable business. $15 USD per month (+applicable sales tax) is more affordable than most CRMs out there, and because of the low price, we can't afford to drop it even further.
Why should the little guys be punished?
  • If we offer a discount to larger companies, or customers that can afford to pay more up-front, that basically means we're overcharging the small companies that are just getting started. We're very proud of the fact that we're able to help so many promising small businesses, and it wouldn't seem right to punish them just because they're small. Every Less Annoying CRM customer is offered the same price.
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