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Contacts and companies

Learn more about the differences between record types and how they interact:

Contact records are for individuals.
  • Contact records are used to track details like a mobile phone, email address, or personal details like spouse or children's names.
  • Contacts often have unique fields that don't exist on companies, like "Job title" or "Birthday."
  • Contacts can be linked to a company through the "Company Name" field to indicate their employer. This also allows you to see other contacts employed by the same company.
Company records are for businesses.
  • Company records are used to track more general details like an 800 number or physical address.
  • Companies can have multiple linked contacts for employees.
  • Company records include history saved on linked contacts, allowing you to see history from all associated contacts in one place.
Each contact and company is unique, and separate actions can be taken on each record.
  • Adding a company to a group will not automatically add associated contacts to the same group. Similarly, a contact can be added to a group and their associated company will not be added to the same group. ┬áThis logic applies to all attached items.
  • Each record type can have unique custom fields, and filtering by that custom field will pull up only that specific record type. For example, filtering by the "Job title" field will pull up only contact records, not associated companies.
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