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Setting calendar colors for other users

Here's how to select calendar colors for your team members:

  • Please note: setting a color for another user's calendar is visible only to you.
  • Select "Calendar" in the navigation bar to go to the Calendar page.
  • Mouse over the user's calendar in the “Other calendars” section on the left.
  • Please note: if you don't see another user's calendar you may not have access to view it. Only admins can change calendar permissions, and you'll need to reach out to the admin on your account.
  • Select the small arrow that appears to the right of the user's name. In the dropdown that appears, select "Change color."
  • Use the links to edit the calendar color. Choose from our pre-selected color options, or select a custom color.
  • Select "Change color" at the bottom of the dialog to save the changes.
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