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Can I map my CRM leads?

While LACRM doesn’t have a back and forth sync with any mapping programs, there is a program called Badger Maps that makes it very easy to get your LACRM contacts mapped. You can view their features here and check out their pricing here. Badger Maps also offers a free 7 day trial, and they have some helpful tutorials for getting started on their Support page (you can even call them for help if you’d like!).

Once you sign up with Badger Maps, simply export your contacts from LACRM (from the Export data page, or using the link under "Actions" in the page menu of a pipeline report). Then send the file along to Badger support and they’ll upload the file for you. If you let them know you came from LACRM they’ll even put a link back to the CRM from each contact in Badger so you can easily enter notes and keep your CRM up to date. Once the file has been uploaded, you can start optimizing routes and planning sales calls!

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