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Mapping CRM leads

While LACRM doesn't integrate directly with any mapping tools, there is a third-party Chrome extension designed to work with LACRM that lets you map your leads in Less Annoying CRM.

Learn more about using a third-party Chrome extension to map your leads:

  • Download the Chrome extension here.
  • Follow these instructions to set this Chrome extension up to work with your LACRM account.
  • Once you're done, you'll see a new "Maps" icon in your navigation bar that will generate a map of your leads. You can then select the contacts you'd like to plan a route around.
  • Note: this is a third-party extension that wasn't built by Less Annoying CRM. They offer their own support (that you can contact here), and cost $9/user/month after the 14-day free trial.

If you prefer to use your own mapping tool, you can export your LACRM data to import into other mapping tools as well, like Badger Maps.

Learn more about exporting your leads to add them to other tools like Badger Maps:

  • Export your contacts from LACRM using the Export data page, or export from your pipeline report.
  • Import the exported file to your mapping tool.
  • Note that if you use Badger Maps, you can reach out to them to import your leads for you.
  • Once the file is uploaded, begin optimizing routes and planning sales calls.
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