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Calculate a conversion rate to find bottlenecks in your sales process

Lead generation is an important part of any business -- if you can’t generate leads, you can’t make sales! But making sales isn’t just about generating leads, you also need to successfully convert those leads into sales. You can use a conversion rate to compare the number of leads coming in to the leads becoming sales, so you can see how your sales process is going, and make any necessary adjustments to make the most of every lead that comes in.

The Lead pipeline is already helpful for tracking sales, and you can also use the Lead pipeline report to find your conversion rate! The Lead report provides a look at your sales pipeline, and you can use a few filters to find and compare the number of leads to the number of sales won.

Please note: the term “Lead” is customizable. Lead is the name of a specific pipeline, and your account may show other options in the navigation bar, including “Pipelines.”

You can access the Lead report by mousing over “Reports” in the navigation bar and selecting “Leads” in the menu (or whatever your pipeline is named). There are two different filters in the “Sort and filter” section on the left that you can use to find the number of leads, and sales won, in a particular time period.

  • Filter by status. This filter allows you to choose only specific steps within the sales funnel. Select “All Statuses” to view all statuses within your pipeline to find the total number of leads. You can instead check the “Sales Won” status to see only successful sales.
  • Add a filter. This filter allows you to view leads within a particular time frame. To see only leads from the past month, choose “Date Lead was created” “is between” “June 1” and “June 30,” for example.

Now that you know how to apply the right filters, you can use them to find your conversion rate! First, use the “Add a filter” option to view only the time period you’d like; the past week, month, or even year. Next, choose the “Filter by status” option to view “All Statuses.” This will give you a list of contacts entered as a lead within that time period, and you can find the total number in the bottom right corner next to “Showing Rows,” with the second number being the total number. Be sure to remember that number!

Now that you have the total number of leads coming in, you can find the number of leads that turned into sales. If you haven’t navigated to another page within the CRM, you can leave the filters from earlier and just make a few small changes! Simply click on “all statuses” near the top of the page, and then check off the box to the left of “Sale Won” instead. You should see a list of all sales won in the same time frame, and again you can find the total number of sales won in the bottom right corner next to “Showing Rows,” with the second number being the total number.

Finally, calculate your conversion rate! Take the number of sales won and divide it by the total number of leads from the same time period. You can use this conversion rate to see how sales are going overall and find any bottlenecks where you may be losing leads during a sale.

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