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Automatically log all outgoing emails using Gmail in Google Chrome

One of the great things about Less Annoying CRM's email logging feature is that you can use it with any email client -- however, the tradeoff that creates is that remembering to log your emails is a very manual process. Enabling the Auto-BCC option on the Email Logging settings page helps, but only when you click an email address inside the CRM itself.  Now, thanks to an extension in Google Chrome for Gmail, you can automatically log outgoing emails if you use both Gmail and Google Chrome.  The Chrome extension to automatically BCC your email logging address is available here:


When you install that extension, simply copy and paste your email logging address into the Bcc field.  You will need to reload Gmail if you already have it open, and then when you compose a new email your email logging address will be automatically added to the Bcc field.

The extension will also appear as an icon in the upper right corner of Google Chrome. If you don’t want to log every single email you send, you can pause the extension and it will no longer automatically Bcc your email logging address.  To pause the auto-Bcc extension simply click the Bcc icon in the upper right corner, and when you’re ready to restart the auto-Bcc click on the icon again to restart the extension.

Finally, we can only offer tech support for our own software.  We don’t expect you to have any problems with this extension, but if you do you’ll need to contact Google for support related to Google Chrome.

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