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Tools for auto-BCCing emails to LACRM

LACRM offers an email logging feature that you can use to capture email correspondence in the CRM. That is a manual process that involves BCCing a unique logging address, but depending on your email program you can set up an auto-BCC function in your email directly. Learn more about the options for auto-BCCing your logging address here:

  • Gmail: set up auto-BCC using a free plugin for your browser. There are several plugins that offer this service, here is one example.
  • Other email programs: depending on the email program, you may be able to set up auto-BCC in settings or use an add-on. Contact your email program's customer support or check their help documentation for more information.

Please note: LACRM does not offer or support any plugins or add-ons for auto-BCCing in an email program. For assistance with a plugin or add-on, you'll need to contact the plugin or add-ons customer support directly.

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