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Tools to help you auto-BCC emails to the CRM

You’ve probably already heard about Less Annoying CRM’s email logging feature, where you can send emails to a unique email address to capture copies of your correspondence in the CRM. You can BCC your email logging address on outgoing emails, or forward incoming emails to that address to log messages.

If you click on an email address in the CRM to compose a new message, LACRM has an auto-BCC feature that automatically adds your email logging address to the BCC field. But what about emails created within your email client or responses to previous emails? Aside from saving your email logging address as a contact and remembering to key it in, some email clients have a feature or add-on that will allow you to automatically BCC your email logging address on all outgoing emails.

If you want to log all of your outgoing emails (without having to remember to key in your email logging address), look for instructions on how to set this up in your email client below.

Note: because of the way most auto-forwarding features strip headers from emails, auto-forwarding your inbound emails usually does not work with the CRM’s email logging feature.


You can set up auto-bcc in Gmail by using a free plugin for your browser such as this one (there are several plugins that offer this service -- just Google “auto-BCC for Gmail”).

Once you add the plugin to your browser, you’ll be asked to set up a rule. Make sure to set your email logging address as the email that should be BCC’d on all outgoing messages. You may also be able to toggle which emails should be auto-BCC’d to the CRM, and which ones should not.

Auto-BCC with Gmail

If you’re sending an email that you don’t want to BCC to your CRM, just delete your email logging address from the BCC field.


Note: There are many different versions of Outlook, so these instructions may not match the settings you see in your own Outlook account.

While Outlook itself doesn’t have an auto-BCC option under its “Rules” feature, you can install a third-party plugin from AbleBits (AbleBits has a one-time fee for downloading its plugins).

Auto-BCC with Outlook using AbleBits

After installing AbleBits, you can create a rule to auto-BCC all outgoing emails to your email logging address. You can also tailor which emails are BCC’d to the CRM, depending on the sending address or keywords in the email itself.

Other email clients

If you use another email client, you may be able to set up auto-bcc in their settings or use an add-on. Contact your email client’s customer support or check out their help documentation for answers.

I hope this tutorial helps you make the most of your CRM and our email logging feature. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Less Annoying customer support.

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