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Less Annoying CRM's calendar is the best way to stay on top of your upcoming events and follow-up reminders. If you share an account with your team, it's an easy way to see everyone's schedules, and if you're on an account on your own, there are a number of ways to set up your own personal and work calendars.

Contacts and companies

Contacts and companies are the bread and butter of any contact management system, and that includes Less Annoying CRM. Any person, vendor, prospect, networking partner etc. starts off as either a contact or a company in LACRM. You can then take notes, set follow-up reminders, and store whatever information you want on these contact and company profiles.

This section contains articles that will help you get started on adding new contacts and companies into your CRM account, so that you can start managing your relationships!

Custom fields

Less Annoying CRM comes with basic default fields that let you enter in the core details about every contact and company that you add to your CRM account. Oftentimes, you need to track additional information, or need industry-specific fields to fill out for your records. That's where custom fields come in.

Custom fields are found on both your contact and company records, as well as your pipelines. These articles will guide you through how to create custom fields on your account (if you're an administrator, or the only user on the account!) to store and track any piece of information that you need!


Less Annoying CRM is you and your team's centralized hub for all the information related to the contacts and companies that you build relationships with. Part of being your main hub includes being your main file storage space for your records.

You can upload any type of file to your contact and company records (contracts, drafts, blueprints etc.) including a profile picture to help you remember faces!


Groups in Less Annoying CRM allow you to tag and categorize your contacts/companies however you like. They're an easy, flexible way for you to pull up specific sets of contacts.

Here you will find some help articles on how you can set up your groups, common ways businesses use groups, and some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of them.


Less Annoying CRM integrates with a number of third-party applications to help you sync together the software that you already use. Below are our help articles that cover how to turn on and make use of all the integrations that we have.

We are always continuing to grow LACRM with more integrations. If you think we're missing an important integration, let us know!


Pipelines are the most customizable feature of Less Annoying CRM. They allow you to map out workflows and processes, and then move contacts through each step of that process. You can set up your own workflows and customize whatever fields you need depending on the type of information you'd like to track in each process.

Any industry or business can benefit from having a pipeline to help them manage a process. Here are some help articles to guide you through how to set up your own pipelines, but if you're unsure and would like some help, contact us and we'd be happy to hop on the phone and build out your pipelines with you!


Part of managing your relationships with your contacts and companies with a CRM is managing their relationships with each other. Contacts and companies can be linked to one another via various ways, including the 'Relationship' tool.

Here are some help articles that guide you through how to manage internal relationships within the CRM, as well as some nifty ways to use existing features to track budding relationships.


Your Settings page in Less Annoying CRM is where you can manage your account preferences, notifications, integrations, and if you're an administrator, your team and account customization.

Here are some help articles that go through each Settings option in your LACRM account.


Building strong relationships with your leads, prospects, vendors etc. requires frequent follow-ups and communication. Tasks in Less Annoying CRM are the easiest way to set reminders for yourself to touch base with important clients, hot leads, and promising network partners.

Here are some articles to help you organize and manage your tasks, plus some tips and tricks on how to make the best use of your task setup!

API documentation

Less Annoying CRM's API allows you or a developer to connect third-party apps and systems (like your own website) to LACRM. This lets you add leads, contacts, create tasks etc. via another system, automatically.  You can access our API portal with all the most updated function definitions here in order to build your own integration here:

Click here to access our API documentation portal.

If you have previously connected a third-party application or your website to Less Annoying CRM via our old API and need to troubleshoot it, you can access the documentation for the old API here.

Pro Tips

We often get asked by both new and longtime LACRM users: what are other people doing differently that I could try? From the thousands of conversations we've had with our users throughout the years, we've compiled some tips and tricks here that you will find useful in making the most of your LACRM account.