Less Annoying CRM is looking for a Software Engineer Intern in St. Louis, MO

Who we are

Less Annoying CRM is a small software company based in downtown St. Louis, MO. We make simple customer relationship management software for small businesses.

We live at the intersection of calm and ambitious. Calm means 40-hour work weeks, no deadlines, and a low-pressure work environment. Ambitious means getting a lot done with a small team, building the easiest to use product in the industry, and always trying to be better.

There are only 18 employees at the company, so you'd be joining a tight-knit team where you could have a big impact. We may be small, but we're stable. We're over 12 years old, and we've been profitable throughout our entire history.

Who we're looking for

We're looking for software engineering interns for a 3-month internship during the summer. This is a full-stack position, but it's fine if you have more experience with front-end or back-end code.

Our tech stack is React/TypeScript on the front-end, and PHP/MySQL on the back-end. It's okay if you aren't experienced with those specific technologies yet.

We're open to all levels of experience, but our most successful interns have had experience equivalent to rising juniors or seniors in college. There is no requirement that you have any formal education, and some of our full-time developers are self-taught!

The first 30 days

We know that it takes time to get familiar with a new code base, and that's what the first 30 days will be all about. If you don't already have experience with React, TypeScript, PHP, and MySQL, we'll start there. We'll give you small projects that just touch specific parts of the app so you can learn how things work. Over time, you'll work up to bigger projects that you'll work on for the majority of your summer.

You'll have plenty of support from a peer mentor, as well as your manager. There's normally a bit of scheduled pair programming each week and we always do code reviews before deploying code, but there will be even more attention paid to both of those while you're getting the hang of things.

Just because you'll be learning doesn't mean you won't be getting important work done! You'll deploy code to our production website on your first or second day. We're a small company with a lot of big ideas, so every engineer has plenty of opportunities to contribute.

In addition to the technical stuff, we make sure you understand the ins and outs of the business so that you can contribute to brainstorming and decision-making. We'll do deep dives into all kinds of different topics including the history of the industry we're in, why we decided not to raise money from investors, how we view long-term success, and more.

The job after that

Software engineers spend most of their time working on their own individual projects. These projects often involve collaborating with the rest of the team, but you always own your own part of the project.

We try to break projects into 2-3 week chunks, and there's a planning meeting between each chunk so that we can plan the next one. You'll be given the opportunity to pick from a handful of projects, giving you the chance to work on various parts of the app.

Aside from your main project, here are some things you might experience from time to time:

  • We have a company-wide meeting every week where the customer service team shares feedback and ideas with the software engineers. This is a great time to connect with the rest of the company and brainstorm.
  • During the summer, we host a speaker series for all interns that are put on by employees (and the occasional guest speaker). These cover a wide variety of topics, but they are often focused on the tech industry and other job-related skills that you don't often hear about in school. Previous topics have covered how the internet works, why everyone talks about retirement accounts, and a short history of St. Louis and all it has to offer.
  • Every person on the engineering team spends a few hours each week pairing with another member of the team. This is a great opportunity to see how other developers solve a problem, and even learn tips and tricks about using your code editor or git.

Example projects

Here are a few examples of projects interns have worked on in the past, or ones that you could work on during your summer:

  • Implement 2-factor authentication to make our login process more secure.
  • Integrate with Zapier so our customers can connect their LACRM account with other software services.
  • Design and build a new customer-facing API so customers can build powerful integrations with us.
  • Implement data versioning so users can see changes made to contacts and other activity in their account.
  • Let users star the most important contacts and display those in our CRM.

Salary and benefits

We're very transparent about how we pay people at LACRM. Interns receive a monthly salary of $3,000/month.

We also have a number of benefits, such as:

  • Paid time off: For every 2 weeks of work, you will accrue one day of PTO. Over the course of the summer that equates to about 6 days of PTO.
  • Paid sick days: Unlimited, both physical and mental health are covered.
  • Remote work: Wednesday and Thursday are the only days required in the office. This means you can work remotely up to three times each week if you'd like. Note: We went fully remote last year due to COVID-19 but have since re-opened the office (all employees are required to be vaccinated). We're not sure what the state of the world will be next summer, but we are regularly monitoring and reevaluating our policies.
  • Flexible schedule: Most people choose to work 9-5, Monday through Friday, but we try to allow for as much flexibility as possible. If you'd rather shift your hours around after onboarding is complete, that should be fine.

There's a lot more, so feel free to ask if you want the whole spiel on our benefits.

Reasons you might like working here

  • You'll enjoy the people you work with. And I don't mean, "everyone is burnt out but we have a foosball table." I mean we actually have a team of interesting, thoughtful people who will support you and help you grow.
  • You'll work directly with the CEO and full-time software engineers, and you'll have a chance to pick projects that interest you. We don't believe in busy work.
  • We plan a few events every summer as an opportunity for after-hours socializing and team building. Past events have included Demolition Ball (check it out here), and the annual company float trip at the very end of the summer. These events are entirely optional, and there's never any pressure to attend.

Reasons you might not like working here

  • We take our work seriously, but this isn't a brogrammer hustle culture. If you want to build your whole identity around your job, this isn't the right place.
  • We don't use trendy technology just because it's cool. If there's a good reason to adopt new tech, we're willing to do so (our front-end is React + TypeScript) but if the old tech gets the job done just fine, we stick with that (our back-end is PHP + MySQL).
  • You can't just focus on code and ignore the human element of the business. We all do a bit of customer service (yes, even software engineers) so that we understand the people who are using our software.

How to apply

If all that sounds interesting to you, you can learn more about the company on our website, or get started on your application here:

Click here to begin your application

Applications for our software engineer internship have closed.

You can also read about our interview process before applying if you'd like — the entire process is outlined here in this document.

Application deadline: Oct 20th, 2022

Applicants with disabilities may contact Less Annoying CRM via email or telephone to request and arrange for accommodations. If you need assistance to accommodate a disability during the application process, you may request an accommodation at any time. Please contact emily.schwab@lessannoyingcrm.com or call 314-222-2750.