Your Guide to Workplace Teams

How to Create and Improve Your Team at Work
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Teams are a necessary part of most people’s work days. You have to engage with your coworkers throughout the day to achieve your goals and further the company’s development. With a team, you can work in concert with others to progress and succeed more than you could as an individual.

True connection and true teamwork are hard to bring about, however. Teams are complex systems with changing dynamics. You’ll often hear about the team building model that says teams go through 4 stages: forming, storming, norming, and performing. Essentially, when a team forms, most team members are positive and polite as they and their team leader create roles and responsibilities. Next comes the storming: boundaries are pushed, conflicts arise, and stress can run high.

This guide will help you push past the storming stage to norming, when you and your team can appreciate each other’s strengths and respect leadership. Finally, you can focus on performing and reaping the benefits of all your hard work.

1. How To Be a Better Team Player

In order to create a great team, you have a to be a great team player yourself! Learn how to bring out the best in your teammates and yourself, all while striving towards an excellent performance at work.

2. How To Spot A Team Player

The best way to make sure that your company and your team are full of great team players is to spot them in the hiring process. Recruiting people who already have great team building skills will make forming teams within your company much easier later down the line.

3. 3 Ways To Improve Your Team’s Performance

As a team leader, you need to make sure that you encourage your team members to put in their best and most creative work. Innovation, skill development, and commitment are key to pushing your team forward.

4. How To Increase Sales Team Collaboration with a CRM

In order to perform well, you not only need the right team, but the right collaboration tools. A CRM, or customer relationship manager, can help your team share, delegate, and communicate faster and more efficiently throughout the work day.

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