Product Update: Task Report

We just launched a new feature that will make tasks much more useful in Less Annoying CRM.
Updated on:

We're excited to announce a new feature that will make tasks even more useful. You can now access a task report under the "Your Workspace" menu at the top of the app. This report is similar to the normal task list on Your Workspace, but it has additional options to make tasks even more powerful. Here are the new features available in this report:

  • Filter by due date - Our normal task list only shows you tasks that are currently due. The new report lets you see previously due tasks, as well as all tasks due in the future.
  • Filter by completion status - Now you can see only tasks that haven't been completed, or only tasks that have been completed.
  • Filter by user - Managers will love this one. You can now pull up a list of other users' tasks so that you can make sure everyone is on top of their task list. Permissions for this are based on the "calendar sharing" setting when you create or edit a user's permissions.
  • Sort - You can now sort tasks based on the date they were created, completed, or due.
  • Printing - There's a link at the top right of the report to print whatever tasks are showing. This is also an easy way to save the report as a PDF so that you can send it to someone else.

As always, we love to hear feedback from our customers, so please feel free to contact us if you have any thoughts about this new feature, or anything else.

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