Small Update Digest: Mail merge-ready exports and more

Plus, our new About Us page, a simplified payment form, and updates to our Bulk Merge page
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Ring in the new year with another update digest of small tweaks and improvements to Less Annoying CRM! If you want to check out past updates, be sure to check out our Product Update tag on the blog. You can also subscribe to our newsletter if you want updates sent straight to your inbox twice a month.

Check out our new export format for an easier mail merge experience

If a contact or a company had multiple addresses, our exports used to include separate columns for only the primary (or first listed) address; additional addresses were in a single cell under an "All Addresses" column. This export format caused problems for folks who wanted to run mail merges with an address other than the primary one listed (for shipping or billing reasons, for example).

In our new export format, in addition to columns for the primary address and all addresses, each address will have a separate column for street, city, state, zip code, country, and address type. This format makes it easier to identify addresses of a specific type, and makes it easier to separate out your data for a mail merge. Below is an example of what multiple addresses look like in our new export format:

Check out our new mail merge-friendly exports!

To check out our new export format, navigate to the Export page under Settings, and run a contact export. If you do not see any exporting options on your account, you may need to ask your account administrator to turn exporting privileges on for you.

Our About Us page got a makeover

In addition to a letter from our CEO, our About Us page now includes a history of Less Annoying CRM, fun facts about each member of our team, and a link to our press section. If you've ever wondered when Less Annoying CRM moved to St. Louis or which flavor of La Croix your CRM Coach prefers,  check out the new About Us page!

We simplified our payment form

Check out our new payment form

On the Billing page on your account, you'll notice that we simplified our payment form. All you need to change your billing information moving forward is your credit card number, expiration date, and security code.

We added a new option for deduplicating contacts

Merge all non-conflicting duplicates with one click!

On our Bulk Merge page under Settings, we've added a new option for running bulk merges of duplicate contacts.

Some background info on the change: our Bulk Merge page identifies duplicates based on matching phones numbers and matching emails. Sometimes the duplicates the CRM picks up have conflicting data; for example, contacts may share the same phone number, but they have different birth dates, names, or job titles. Since a person can only have one birth date, the CRM will ask you to resolve the conflict (and pick which birth date is correct) before merging the duplicates.

Before, if you wanted to merge all of the duplicates without conflicts, you would need to click the "Merge all duplicates" button, wait for the conflict resolution page to appear, and either click the back button or navigate back to the Bulk Merge page.

Now, you can easily merge all duplicates without conflicting data in one click. Once you merge all of the duplicates without conflicts, you can use the Bulk Merge page to resolve conflicts for the remaining duplicates.

We hope these changes improve your CRM experience! As always, if you have any feedback, we'd love to hear it.

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