Small Update Digest: We moved into a new email marketing system

Plus, a mobile site update and why LACRM needs a redesign!
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What's new at Less Annoying CRM? In the past month we've wrapped up a few big projects that I'll cover in this edition of the small update digest. If you want to read past updates, be sure to check out our Product Update tag on the blog. You can also subscribe to our newsletter if you want updates sent straight to your inbox twice a month.

We moved into a new email marketing program, Drip

Our new email marketing system

If you've received a newsletter or an account help email from your CRM Coach recently, you'll have noticed some changes! We recently moved our email marketing into Drip, a very powerful email marketing service that allows us to better integrate our CRM data with our emails. Originally, we were using a homemade system for our onboarding emails during a customer's free trial, and MailChimp for newsletters and email challenges.

We decided to make the switch for a few reasons: now, our marketing and CRM Coaching teams have more direct access to a customer's email history and interests, so that we can make sure you receive the content you want (and nothing else). Also, using a third party email marketing system puts less stress on our own servers so that we can send emails in a more timely manner and without interruptions.

In addition to switching to a new email marketing provider, we're creating some new in-house rules for email marketing. We're now including an unsubscribe link at the top (in addition to the bottom) of the emails we send to make unsubscribing easier. We also allow users to tailor their email preferences so that they can sign up to receive our newsletter, dedicated conference updates, and more by clicking on trigger links within the emails they receive.

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Addresses are now clickable links on mobile

Now, when you navigate to a record with an address via mobile, you can click on that link to open it via Google Maps!

Just click on the address you want to open, and select "Open" in the pop up dialogue.

Meeting up with your contacts or planning a trip just got easier!

Why Less Annoying CRM needs a redesign

Less Annoying CRM hasn't had a major redesign since 2012, but a lot has changed about the way we use software since then, including the explosion of smartphone usage. Now that we have a bigger team and increased bandwidth to tackle even bigger problems, we think it's time for a redesign. In a recent blog post, CEO Tyler King explains why we need a redesign and outlines our current plan. While nothing about our software has changed yet, we want to keep our customers in the loop so that they know what is changing, why, and how they can benefit from it. Most importantly, Tyler covers what we are NOT doing with this redesign: making change for change's sake or leaving our customers to figure out the new design for themselves.

Check out a sneak peek of LACRM's next redesign!

If you want to learn more about the redesign, read Tyler's post here.

We hope these changes improve your CRM experience! As always, if you have any feedback, we'd love to hear it.

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