Small Tweak: we made it easier to add contacts to groups

Updated on:

We recently made it easier to add contacts and companies to multiple groups at once, as well as make groups public or private on the fly. To see these updates in action, head to a contact or company record in the CRM. On the left hand side of the record under "Attach an item to this contact/company," click "Group."

Now, you can check off which groups you'd like that record to be added to; this allows you to add a record to multiple groups at once.

Adding a contact to multiple groups at once

You'll also notice the ability to create new groups and make them public or private from the contact page. Just enter the new group name, and decide whether the group should be private to just you or public to all of your users. Click "Save group" to create your new group and add the record to the group at once.

Making groups private or public on the the fly

We hope these changes make navigating around the CRM a bit easier and more intuitive. As always, if you have any feedback, we'd love to hear it.

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