New CRM feature: Track relationships between contacts

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Less Annoying CRM has always been great at helping you track your relationships with your contacts, but it's always been a little bit tricky tracking the different types of relationships between your contacts. For example, let's say a customer refers a lead to you. You could track your relationship with the customer and the lead, but you couldn't really keep track of the relationship they had with each other.

Well, that just changed. We launched a dead-simple feature that lets you create links between the contacts in your CRM so that when you're looking at a contact, you can see anyone else that they have a relationship with. You can enter a description of each relationship to track any details you need to remember.

Even though this is a really simple feature, the applications are endless. If a business has multiple locations, you can use this feature to link each location to the corporate-level company record. If a contact works at more than one company, you can track that. You can track family relationships and referrals. You can even track sales where you are an intermediary between a buying and a seller. When combined with all of the functionality that Less Annoying CRM already had, this allows you record and track virtually any type of relationship structure you can dream up.

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