New feature in the redesign: Recent contacts

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If you haven't heard, Less Annoying CRM is getting a redesign. Along with the design changes, we're introducing some new features to help make the CRM even better.

When you're relying on LACRM to run your business, even minor efficiency improvements can add up to major time savings. One of the most common things people do in the CRM is pull up a contact they're working with. We've always tried to make this easy by giving you a number of different ways to locate the right person at the right time. Tasks and events link to the related contacts so you can access them easily. You can search, pull up a group, view your pipeline reports by status, scan the activity feed, or just browse your entire contact list.

But we realized that there are some workflows that our old design didn't handle very well. In particular, it's common for LACRM users to need to look up the same contact over and over. For example, let's say you're a salesperson who sells to a small number of high-value clients. You probably need to interact with each client many times over the course of the sales process. Wouldn't it be nice if you could easily pull up the contacts you've been working with recently?

That's why we're adding a "Recent contacts" feature in the new design. Anytime you view a contact, they'll be added to your recent contacts list so that you can easily access them again if you need to hop back to their profile.

There will be two ways to access your recent contacts:

1) Mouse over "Contacts" in the navigation menu, and the pop-out will show you a list of your recent contacts

2) from the main "Contacts" page in the page menu:

We hope this update helps you get to your contacts just a little bit faster!

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