Product update digest: Swiping on the calendar, Mailchimp improvements, and more

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In this most recent round of updates, we continued the momentum we built up earlier this year, and put some building blocks in place for more product improvements that are yet to come. Here are some of the recent changes:

Swiping to move around the calendar

Until recently, the LACRM calendar was basically unusable on mobile, so the interface was designed exclusively for use with a mouse and keyboard. Since our recent redesign, our main web app works great on mobile, but we hadn't really taken advantage of touchscreen swipe gestures. We just added the ability to move between days, weeks, and months by swiping left or right when you're looking at the calendar. To test it out, just open the calendar on your phone and swipe from right to left to advance to the next time period!

Mailchimp refactoring

We've had an integration with Mailchimp for years, but Mailchimp recently made some changes to how their product works which caused our integration to be less useful than it was originally. We're working on a significant overhaul of the integration, and the first step was to refactor (i.e. rewrite all of the code) the core infrastructure we use to power the back-and-forth sync. There aren't any new features (yet) but as of this week, all new integrations with Mailchimp will use our new system which should be more reliable and easier to debug. This will allow us to make the feature changes that we have planned.

Final roll-out of the new design

We officially "launched" the new design of our software months ago. But that just meant that all new customers who signed up would get the new design automatically. We wanted to give existing customers the flexibility to decide when they switched over so that it wouldn't catch them off guard. Finally, more than three months after the official launch, we've finally transitioned all customers over to the new design.

We had a party at the LACRM headquarters to celebrate the milestone, and now that we only have one version to support, we can start working on some great improvements that wouldn't have been possible when supporting the old design. Stay tuned!

Updated beginner's guide videos

We have a series of 13 videos that explain to new users how our software works. Because we recently redesigned the entire app, the old videos became out-of-date. It takes a lot of effort to re-shoot 13 different videos, but we just finished the final one, so we now have a completely updated beginner's guide!

New home page design

Ok, maybe this isn't a "product" update, but you may have noticed that our home page has a new look. Prior to the last few months, it had been years since we had touched the design of our app or our public website, and so we wanted to give both of them a refresh. We hope you like it!

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