Product update digest: Color themes, image previews, and more

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January was a big month for product updates here at LACRM, and February is shaping up to be even better. Here are some improvements we made over the last couple of weeks:

More color themes

There are a number of reasons why you might want to customize the colors in your CRM. Maybe you want the colors to match your company brand. Or maybe you have multiple LACRM accounts and you want to use colors to indicate which account you're logged into. Or maybe you just think it's fun to mix up the color scheme from time to time.

Since the redesign, you've been able to customize some of the colors (buttons, headers, etc.) but the sidebars on the left side of the screen could only be blue or gray. The reason we don't let you completely customize those colors is that most custom colors our users select aren't dark enough for the white text to be readable. As much as we want to make the design customizable, readability and accessibility come first.

We just released an update that significantly improves the design options. While you still can't 100% customize the sidebar colors, you can choose between a number of different "themes" so that you can personalize the colors schemes. You can now choose between blue, gray, green, magenta, orange, purple, red, and teal. If you're an admin on your account, you can test out the new themes from the company branding page.

Image previews on uploaded files

Attaching files to your contacts can be a great way to keep everything in one place, but in the past, you had to download the file anytime you wanted to view it. With this new update, anytime you open an image or pdf file in the CRM, we'll automatically show you a preview so you can view it without any additional clicks or downloads.

Small design tweaks

We're still polishing up lots of little related to the recent redesign. It's not worth describing every single tweak here, but to give you an example of the types of things we've been doing, the pipeline reports that show on your Workspace used to be fixed-width meaning that sometimes there was some weird blank space depending on the size of your browser. Now, the reports will automatically resize to fit the available space.

Changes like these won't revolutionize how you use the CRM, but bit by bit they can add up to a more polished, less annoying experience.

I hope you're enjoying the updates!

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