Product update: Filter by contacts NOT in a group and more

In my last update, I mentioned that LACRM has a great group of interns this summer and they've been working on all kinds of improvements for you. The first round of projects is finished, so here's a rundown of what's changed.
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Filter by contacts NOT in a group

We've gotten a ton of requests for this feature, and I'm excited that it's finally finished. You can now filter to show contacts that aren't in a specific group. Above is a video showing how it works.

Open meeting links with ease

Events in LACRM have a "location" field so you can keep track of where an event is taking place. We always showed a little icon to the right of the location so you could open a new Google Maps window to figure out how to get there. But with more people working remotely these days, it's becoming more common for events to be virtual, so their locations are websites, not physical places.

We now detect if the location is a website, and if it is, we'll open it directly in a new tab instead of trying to open Google Maps like we used to. This should make it even easier to join your virtual meetings.

Suggested locations improvement

Also related to the location field on events, we've always let you auto-populate a location with the address of any contacts attending the event. But another common situation is that you want to meet a person at their company address. So now, if you attach a contact to an event, we'll show any addresses on that contact record as well as any addresses on linked company records. It's easier than ever to create your events.

Duplicate tasks

Sometimes you have a bunch of different tasks that are all similar, but distinct. In those situations, it would be easier to duplicate an existing one rather than recreate a new task from scratch. Well, now you can do that. Just click "Duplicate this task" in the menu on the task form and a new task will be created with all the same info. You can make edits before saving the new task if you want to change anything.

That's it for now, but we have many more improvements coming soon, so stay tuned!

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