Product update: Date fields on the calendar, new export type, and more

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View custom date fields on the calendar

The main feature in this round of updates is a big one! For years, you've been able to create custom date fields on pipelines to stay on top of dates related to processes you track in the CRM (e.g., expected close dates for leads). A while back, we also added the same type of custom date fields to contact and company records. The problem was, there wasn't a great way of seeing all of your upcoming dates in one place.

I'm excited to announce that we just added the ability to view all of your custom date fields directly from your calendar. If you're already using date fields, they'll appear automatically. You can also customize how they appear (or hide them entirely) from the custom fields settings page.

In addition to seeing the date fields on the calendar, you'll also see them on your Workspace agenda, and in the daily agenda email you get each morning. One of the main goals of LACRM is to make sure you never forget a follow-up, and that just got even easier!

Exporting the activity report

LACRM offers many types of exports, and we just added one more: now you can export the data from your activity report. The activity report contains a combination of all different kinds of activity in your CRM (notes, events, tasks, added contacts, etc.). This means that the export isn't very structured (it's hard to fit a bunch of different types of data in the same format), but if you just need a simple Excel version of everything that's happened, head over to the report and click "Export" in the page menu.

Re-assigning events when deleting a user

If you're an admin on an account with multiple users, sometimes you'll need to remove users from the CRM when they leave your team. That's always been easy, but the problem was that sometimes you want someone else on the team to follow-up on all of the events previously assigned to the users you're deleting. Now, whenever you delete a user, we'll ask if you want to assign their future events to someone else.

That's it for now, but stay tuned, because we have some major improvements to announce soon!

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