Small tweak: Preview pipeline info from contact profiles

Now you can mouse over a pipeline item to see all the details about it
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When you attach a pipeline item (e.g. a lead) to a contact in your CRM, it shows up under the "Attached items" section on that contact's profile. But prior to now, if you wanted to see any additional information about that pipeline item, you'd have to click on it, which would open a pop-up covering the rest of the screen, and you'd have to click again to close it. It worked just fine, but we wanted to give you a way to see that same info without needing all the clicks.

That's why we just added a much faster way to see the core information about a pipeline item. Now, you can move your mouse over the item on a contact's profile, and an info bubble will showing you all the key information without you needing to click.

This is especially useful if you have custom fields on your pipeline, or if you have multiple pipeline items attached to a single contact.

For example, if you look at the screenshot above, you'll notice that by mousing over the pipeline item, you can see that lead's estimated value, renewal date, and who they were referred by (all of which are custom fields in this case). It makes it just a bit quicker to get the information you need.

Or imagine you use pipelines to track orders from your customers, and a single customer might have multiple orders attached. If you need to find a specific order, instead of clicking on each order and closing it when you're done, you can now just move your mouse between them until you find the right one.

This may not revolutionize your workflow, but we hope it can save you a bit of time and make your experience with Less Annoying CRM just a little bit less annoying!

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