New Series: CRM Definitions

Trying to make sense of the complex world of CRM buzzwords
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As a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) company, we talk to a lot of people who are interested in learning more about how CRM software works. One problem that people run into is that there are tons of confusing buzzwords thrown around in this industry that don't make any sense to a newcomer.

That's why we're starting a new series on this blog. We're going to take some of the most common CRM buzzwords and explain what they mean. In addition to giving the dictionary definitions, we'll be talking about some of the hidden meaning in these words that might normally only be known to industry insiders.

Here's a list of the definitions we have so far:

If you have any questions, or have suggestions for other terms we should define, let me know on Twitter (@TylerMKing)!

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