New Integration Platform: Use PieSync to sync your LACRM Contacts

PieSync can integrate your LACRM contacts with 80+ apps
Updated on:
April 21, 4021

4/21/2021 Update: As of today, PieSync is no longer accepting new customers. They are in the process of transitioning into Data Sync by HubSpot and will not be a separate product.

If you've ever wanted to sync your Less Annoying contacts with Outlook, QuickBooks, or ConstantContact, check out PieSync! PieSync is an integration platform that allows you to send contact data in a two-way sync between Less Annoying CRM and other systems. While Less Annoying CRM has some built-in integrations with apps like MailChimp and Google, and you can build your own integrations with our API, PieSync allows you to connect with more programs and have greater control over the types of contact data being synced without having any coding skills.

Integration Details

Pricing: PieSync has a 14 day free trial, after which you’ll need to choose from several pricing plans, starting at $9/month (in addition to your Less Annoying CRM subscription). Pricing is based not only on the features you want, but also on the number of contacts you have syncing. Check out PieSync’s pricing here.

Available Integrations: Right now, PieSync can connect LACRM with over 80 apps, including Outlook, Constant Contact, iCloud, Quickbooks, and Xero! Check out a full list of the apps PieSync can connect with LACRM.

How to get started: Want to set PieSync up? Check out our tutorial here.

Questions about PieSync? Check out their support center here!

Click here to watch our webinar with PieSync!

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