Meet Maggie, LACRM's new intern!

Maggie is our newest intern. Check out this post to learn more about her!
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Maggie Conroy is Less Annoying CRM’s latest addition and our intern for Fall 2017! You may have already met her in your inbox or seen her on our website, so we wanted to formally introduce our customers to Maggie. I interviewed Maggie, and here’s what she had to say!

Meet Maggie

Hometown: St. Louis Hills

Hobbies and Interests: Cooking, running, and theatre

Favorite food: Making fajitas and tamales are my favorite go-to meals, and I'm not ashamed to say sometimes I just make a giant bowl of guacamole and call it dinner.

Aspirations: I'd love to do Paris and Spain.

Fun Fact: I’m doing my first yoga teacher training in 2018!

Maggie on the job

Maggie has been on the job for a few weeks, and she’s already trained in the software and started answering emails. If you’ve sent in a contact form, Maggie may have been the person who answered your question! Here’s what Maggie has to say about the internship so far.

What’s your favorite thing about working at LACRM?

My favorite thing about the company so far is easy: the people. Everyone is so, so nice, and it's just such a relaxed atmosphere. All the other coaches (and even developers) are totally game to help answer any and all of my questions, so it's a really nice learning experience so far. I also love that I get to work downtown! I'm a STL native, but downtown is the one area I've never really explored. Right now I'm exploring mainly during my lunch breaks.

What I like about being a CRM coach intern is that the questions we receive from users are always different, so you're constantly getting to work different parts of your brain to help them. It's definitely not some mindless customer service job -- you're always evaluating each user based on their own experience, which brings a lot of variety to the day-to-day grind.

What are you most looking forward to?

I am most looking forward to giving demos. This is a while off, but I can't wait to be confident enough to be able to walk someone through the CRM over the phone while helping customize it to their specific needs. Meeting new people and learning all about their business is really exciting to me, and if I can be the person that helps users organize their businesses in a positive way, then I'll be happy, too.

At Less Annoying CRM, every CRM Coach has a second project outside of customer support. What are you interested in working on?

Right now I've started working on creating more organized expenditure reports, as well as learning more about Excel and how to maximize its use for our budgeting. I am also as listening in on Alex Haimann’s marketing workshops and may be helping him create those in the future. (Alex is in charge of LACRM’s business development!)

Marketing is something I've wanted to know more about, and working on the marketing presentations excited the theater background in me. I'm looking forward to developing presentations that might help non-users realize how a CRM can make their lives easier!

On the financial end, right now I'm just interested in learning how to develop my skills in Excel since it's such a universal tool. Having my own theater company has opened my eyes to the benefit of an organized budget, so I'm interested in learning more about creating them and implementing them as well.

We hope you enjoyed meeting Maggie! Want to meet the rest of the team? Check out our
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