People aren't looking for what they don't know exists

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Since we're still in the early days of Less Annoying Software, the business model is still a little up in the air.  We've got a pretty good idea of what we want to do, but there are a few things standing in the way.

First, what is it that we're trying to do?  Well, the main problem I see with technology right now is that people just aren't using the right tools because they don't know what the right tools are. For example, I've met tons of sales people that don't use a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager).  This is the equivalent of an accountant that doesn't use a calculator.  It's needlessly handicapping yourself.

I'd say that at least half of the people working in America today fail to use basic software that could either save them significant amounts of time, or increase their earnings dramatically.  One of the goals of Less Annoying Software is to help people identify the areas in which software could improve their lives and help them implement a solution.  We also hope to build our own suite of software to fill in the gaps.

This all means that our target audience is made up of people that aren't currently using the right software.  The problem here is, how can we find these people?  If we start making a project management tool, it's assumed that people will find the product when they're looking for information on project management software.

But why would people search for software that they're not aware of?  How do we reach an audience that by definition is oblivious to our very existence?  The strategy right now is to approach small companies.  Anyone running a company quickly understands the need for a solid I.T. foundation, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they know where to start.

My guess is that we'll run through a few different ideas before finally figuring out how to reach our customers.  In the meantime, I'll be blogging all about it both for your benefit and for mine.  Hopefully the problems we run into and overcome can somehow relate to decisions in your own business life.  And hey, maybe a reader will think of something I missed.  If that reader is you, hit us up in the comments with your great ideas.

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