Introducing Less Annoying CRM integration with email marketing tool MailChimp

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For a long time, our users (and prospective users) have been asking us about what kind of support we offer for email marketing or mail campaigns. Finally, we have an answer: MailChimp!

MailChimp is an industry leader in sending bulk email. Whether it’s email marketing, newsletters, user retention messaging, or something else entirely, MailChimp’s tools let build contact groups and target them with campaigns, then analyze the results.

For our part, we recognize that being able to send email blasts out to lists of customers or subscribers is a crucial tool for small businesses in today’s world of the digital inbox. For a while, we even considered creating our own email marketing tool, but in the end it made more sense to leverage MailChimp’s existing tools by building integration rather than starting from scratch.

How it works

The short answer is that the MailChimp integration allows you to connect your MailChimp account with your Less Annoying CRM account so you can sync contacts back and forth and log your campaigns in your CRM.

More specifically, the integration keys on the similar nature of MailChimp’s “Lists” and Less Annoying CRM’s “Groups.” At their core, these features are both just lists of contacts; each comes with its own more advanced functionality in their respective systems. Our integration lets you sync individual Groups in your CRM with individual Lists in MailChimp. Contacts flow in both directions, allowing you to make changes to your CRM groups and have those changes instantly reflected in MailChimp. You can also add contacts on the MailChimp end, and they will sync over to Less Annoying CRM -- particularly useful if you are collecting newsletter subscribers through a MailChimp web form.

MailChimp Less Annoying CRM List Group Sync

Once your Lists are connected with the appropriate Groups, you can head over to MailChimp and start your email marketing journey! The list of features available through MailChimp are far too numerous to list here, but the upshot is that you can target your Lists (and thus, your Groups) with email campaigns. When you send mail to synced Lists in MailChimp, each contact in that List will get an entry in the CRM showing that they were targeted with a MailChimp email blast.

The Details

Any time you hook up two dissimilar systems like MailChimp and Less Annoying CRM, there are going to be some quirks. Luckily, we’ve managed to keep this to a minimum, but you can find more detailed information on the MailChimp Integration page in our help section.

If you have an account with Less Annoying CRM, you can initiate the sync on your Integrations page.

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