How To Avoid the Stereotype of "Salesman"

There can be a huge advantage from separating yourself from the pack. Salesmen are often viewed in a negative light, so we have some advice on how to make yourself stand out, avoid that classification, and increase your sales
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A stereotype of a salesman

Sales has a bad rap. Even the word "salesman" conjures an image of a heartless, greedy suit. We both know that that image is outdated and untrue, but your customer doesn't necessarily know that.

This means that making yourself a non-"salesman" is going to give a huge advantage over those competitors who are even somewhat "sales"-like. This is a core concept of the Less Annoying Sales Method, and is a sure way to increase your sales dramatically.

The most basic element of not seeming like a salesman is based around one basic idea:

"Don't pitch, educate and inform."

Every other salesperson shows off what's great about their product. But you know that sometimes those areas don't matter. Sometimes they're just fluff to seem like a great buy. Because you know the market. The problem is that your customer doesn't know that.

So teach them that.

By educating your potential customers, they know exactly what to look for in a product. Smart consumers make smart decisions. If you have a superior product, and they know precisely how to spot that, you won't even need to try and sell to them.

  • Approach prospects not as potential sales, but as potential students.
  • Use verifiable facts and data to show them what makes a good product.
  • Explain the current market to them.
  • Appear impartial and knowledgeable.

The rest they can do on their own. The modern consumer can (and will) do plenty of research for important buys.

The problem is that they don't always know what to look for. They know that they want a well-reviewed product with an attractive price. But they aren't experts on your market. They don't know what's a necessity and what's just fluff.

But you are. And by making your customer an expert, your consumer will be able to see for him or herself that your product is exactly what they need.

The beauty of this method is that the prospect comes to the conclusion in their own mind, rather than you trying to push them into a buy (like so many other salespeople are doing). People trust themselves, naturally, which means they will trust this conclusion, too.

This strategy may seem a bit farfetched, but it is an absolutely essential part of the proven Less Annoying Sales Method, which is based upon the concept of "inbound sales." By creating knowledge and a great product, you create a steady pipeline towards consistent sales and you differentiate yourself from the unsavory images customers associate with salesmen. By becoming less "sales"-like, you will, in the end, find more sales coming you way.

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