How does a CRM help an insurance agent

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Choosing and maintaining the best insurance plans for your clients requires deep industry knowledge and experience, but also strong interpersonal skills. After all, your clients are trusting their health, property, and livelihood with you. That's not a small decision. With that trust comes a deep responsibility to not only keep up-to-date notes and stay on top of important renewal dates, but also protect their sensitive information. A customer relationship manager (CRM) is exactly how an insurance agent can do that.

Here's how.

1) Profile pages for every client or prospect, including files, historical notes, and personal information on a single page.

If you already have folders of documents for every client, you know how important it is to keep things organized. The longer your relationship is with a particular client, the bigger the folder is. And the bigger the folder is, the harder it is the find the exact piece of information you're looking for.

The last thing you want is for a long-time customer to call in with a policy question that you cannot immediately find an answer to.

A CRM lets you create profile pages for each and every client, that contains everything you need to know about them on one screen.

Every note, file, and piece of contact information in one screen, for every single client. Easy, right?

2) Set it and forget it reminders for all your renewal dates.

Renewal dates, enrollment dates, birthdays -- there are a lot of dates to remember as an insurance agent.

A CRM allows you to connect a calendar to your contacts so that your follow-ups, renewals, birthdays are all on one calendar. Set it once on a contact's page, and it'll automatically get added to your calendar.

Every renewal and enrollment date on one calendar, along with all your follow-ups for the month.

3) Easily searchable policies, regardless of what type(s) of insurance you offer.

In addition to consolidating all your clients' personal information, follow-ups, and dates in a single place, a CRM allows you to store specific policy information all together. Need to see all your policies with a single carrier? Two clicks and you're there.

See every policy you're working on at a glance. You'll never have to dig through piles of documents to find one thing again.

4) Your entire team has the most updated information about every client, no matter where they are.

The hardest part about working with a team is making sure that everyone has access to all the information they need wherever they are. With an online CRM, any team member with access to the internet can pull up the most updated information on any client. Collaborate seamlessly by delegating tasks and events to each other, and see what the last conversation was about without having to call or email each other.

Every action is tagged with your team's names so you know exactly who did what.

5) Quickly pull up all your clients that fit a certain criterion -- like everyone turning 65 this year.

Birthdays are some of the more important dates for insurance agents. Not only does it let you send a quick personal email or card, it lets you know how old someone is turning. For some types of insurance policies, age matters. By having your clients birthdays stored in a CRM, you can easily see who is turning a certain age, instead of having to rely on a spreadsheet or a calculator.

This report shows you everyone who is currently 64, who is turning 65 in the coming month.

Altogether, a CRM is the fastest way for an insurance agent to simplify their lives. By having all your important documents and details digitized, your information becomes easier to find and update. With less time spent on managing files and searching through emails, you'll have more time to focus on finding and building relationships with your clients.

Interested in trying out a CRM for your insurance agency? Test one out here.

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