Great Google Docs templates for flowcharts, business plans, and more

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We've talked a fair amount about Google Docs as a relatively simple tool for document and spreadsheet editing. We've also talked about some ways to perform somewhat more complicated tasks using scripts to import analytics data and templates for invoices. I recently ran across another pack of templates from, and I've got to say that some of them really expanded my expectations of what one can do with Google Docs.

While the collection of templates is focused primarily on web designers and developers, a number of them are generally useful, or can be easily modified for just about any type of business. It's definitely worth looking through the full list which includes templates for docs, spreadsheets, drawings, and forms, but I've highlighted three here that seem like they might be of particular use (or were particularly impressive).

Business Plan
Even if you subscribe to the school of thought that downplays the importance of detailed planning, the chances are pretty good that at some point, you'll need to write up a business plan for your company. This template is relatively barebones, but it does the basics well and lets you focus on the content. In addition to providing the structural elements to generate sections, subsections, and a table of contents, the outline of the template provides a good start for thinking about the document itself as well (business plan link).

Flow charts
We've talked about Lucid Chart and Gliffy as online solutions for generating full-featured flow charts, but if you're just making a basic chart every once and a while, this template could be useful. The template takes the form of a canvas with a number of different flow chart elements stored within it. It also provides a flow chart example demonstrating how to use the template itself (rather meta). If you're planning on making a lot of flow charts or will regularly be updating a larger document, you're probably better off using a dedicated solution, but it's always good to have some other options around (flow chart link).

This one is a little more of a fun and impressive entry, but could also come in handy if you're putting together graphics for your website or a more polished document. Infographics have a tendency to be heavy on the "graphics" and light on the "info," but when used well, they can be a nice eye-catching way to present information. This template provides some nice clean examples for pie charts, maps, bar graphs, and other commonly used graphics (infographics link).

Plenty more
These three give you a flavor for the types of templates available in Google Docs, but there's plenty more where that came from. Head over to to check out the rest of their collection, or browse through all the Google Docs templates by going to New->From Template in the Google Docs menu. Let us know if you run across any gems.

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