Product Update: Filter/Search by Specific Fields

We wrap up our string of filtering/reporting improvements with the most important one of all!
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If you've been following our product updates over the last few months, you already know that we've been focusing on improving the reporting options in LACRM. We just finished the final stage of this project, and it's definitely the most important reporting feature to date.

You can now filter both the "Find a contact" page and pipeline reports by any field you want. The applications for this are endless, but here are a few common use cases this will help with:

  • Viewing all contacts in a specific state
  • Viewing leads that don't have a follow-up task or event scheduled
  • Viewing all contacts that aren't in a pipeline
  • Filtering a pipeline report to only show people with certain values in custom fields
  • Showing the sales you made in a given month

The list goes on and on, but hopefully this gives you a feel for how powerful the new filtering options are. Also, these filters can be combined. So if you want to see people that are in Missouri AND that don't have an upcoming task scheduled, you can do that easily by adding both filters, one after the other. We're still focused on simplicity above all else, so the new filter options have their limits, but this should significantly improve the functionality of Less Annoying CRM for pretty much everyone.

This new release marks the end of our reporting improvements, which means now it's time to start on the next major project. It might be a while before you hear about another huge release like this one, but rest assured that we have some big things up our sleeves that should be ready by the end of the year.

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