Don’t Forget To CELEBRATE!

Ideas For Motivating Your Small Business's Employees
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Too often running a business is a cycle that never ends. We cultivate a prospect, then we make the sale and then we make/deliver our product or service. Of course, built into this cycle is stress, paying bills and worrying about the future….where will the next prospect come from to make the cycle go again? For a small business, the team engaging in this cycle could be a single entrepreneur or a small team with one person in charge of each step in its never ending rotation.

In order to motivate yourself if you’re a one-man or one-woman shop, or the small team that makes your business go, you need to find and create opportunities to CELEBRATE! Celebrations for accomplishments achieved and team goals met can greatly help to keep your employees motivated and excited about working for your business in addition to the paychecks they take home. Take a look at some sample reasons below….

8 Sample Reasons To CELEBRATE!

#1. A satisfied customer sends you particularly excellent feedback about their experience working with a specific employee.

#2. A monthly/annual sales goal is met or exceeded.

#3. A long-term company project is successfully completed.

#4. A long-shot prospect is converted to a paying customer.

#5. An employee develops through their own initiative a particularly novel process improvement or cost savings for your business.

#6. A current employee refers a great prospective staff member for an open position and that person is hired.

#7. The company moves to a new office or something about the existing work-space changes dramatically (all new furniture etc).

#8. A new company product or service is launched.

The formula for how best to celebrate any of the above reasons depends on your personal style and the culture of your small business. It may be as simple as taking a moment during a regular all-hands meeting to acknowledge a particular employee’s accomplishments or the company goal achieved. On the other end of the spectrum, you may want to take the whole team out to lunch or dinner to celebrate.

Every small business encounters setbacks and moments of disappointment. Taking the opportunity to CELEBRATE achievements and special efforts will raise the collective spirit of your entire team. The positive energy from these moments of celebration will help propel your team through the “bumps in the road” and on to the next positive challenge.  

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